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Crystal Springs Vineyard

The Crystal Springs Vineyard is the root note for the ONDA Cabernet chord, providing the broad structure and ripe, black fruit at its foundation. This dry-farmed site in the west-facing foothills of the Vaca Mountains brings both intense power and exquisite fruit purity to the blend, with deep bass notes of blackberry pie and dark plum.

Helms Vineyard

The historic Helms Vineyard, located in the northern point of the Rutherford appellation, adds a counterpoint of exquisitely perfumed aromatics as well as elegant fullness on the mid-palate. Helms’s valley floor soils produce wines with refined natural viscosity, fine-grained cocoa powder tannins, and beautiful plum, red fruit and purple floral high notes. This former site of viticulturist H.W. Helms’s 19th century stone winery is today the home of DANA Estates.

Hershey Vineyard

The diverse terrain of Hershey Vineyard contributes complexity and length to ONDA Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as the fresh, vibrant core of ONDA Sauvignon Blanc. Red wines from this high-elevation Howell Mountain site provide elegant length to the palate with their linear tannin structure, gliding smoothly from front to back. Hershey’s varied soil types and exposures also impart savory components and minerality to the wine.

Lotus Vineyard

At 1200 feet above sea level, just below the Howell Mountain appellation, Lotus Vineyard brings a muscular power and breadth that completes the structure of the ONDA Cabernet. This site’s diverse exposures and steep slopes produce a complex range of aromatics, summoning notes of chocolate, spice and graphite as well as intensely dark, deep black fruit.

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Composing Harmony

Every vineyard brings its own tone, cadence, and dynamic. Winemaker Chris Cooney assembles these unique elements into magnificent harmonies that honor their vintage.

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